Developing Humane Instincts and Disciplined, Creative Minds

At 鶹ý College, we believe that a broad exposure to topics and ideas best prepares students to lead lives of consequence. You will be encouraged to ‘go deep’ in the subjects of greatest interest while benefiting from a diverse academic journey. Small classes enable our renowned faculty to collaborate with students, engaging them directly in original research and creative work across the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities. 

Find Your Passion

鶹ý offers 31 majors and the opportunity for students to design their own major through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition, 鶹ý offers over 40 minors, including 15 interdisciplinary minors.

Majors & Minors


Advising & Support

鶹ý College has a wealth of resources available to assist students in their academic pursuits and growth. First-year students are assigned a Holistic Advisor to help them explore courses in a variety of subjects and decide on a subject area to pursue for their major. Students can access a network of academic support resources and specialists, including tutoring, writing support, and assistance with research and lab reports. 

Advising, Tutoring & Support

Student-Faculty Collaboration

Committed educators, renowned researchers, practitioners who are thought-leaders in their industries — 鶹ý's faculty forms the backbone of our academic community. With a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio, students have opportunities to collaborate closely with their professors to pursue their interests and explore new fields.

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