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Then and Now

Students Document Their Paths to 鶹ý, and Share How They Feel One Year Later

In the fall of 2021 we followed three newly admitted students on their journeys to 鶹ý. At the end of year one, we sat down with them again to see how it's going. Class of 2025 Bimal Shahi, Tim Schietroma and Kassidy Liggins share their hopes and aspirations in this video series.

Tim Schietroma

Hometown: Florham Park, New Jersey

Majors: Political Science and History

Interests: Theatre, politics, and music. As a young child, Tim became a lifelong soccer player, fan and referee.

Most Memorable Moment So Far: Playing Gomez Addams in 鶹ý's production of the Addams Family Musical.


Journey to 鶹ý. Tim had only seen the 鶹ý College campus virtually before applying. When he visited after being accepted, he turned to his parents and said: “This is it. This is my new home.”

One year later. Tim reflects on his first-year experience, "鶹ý does a wonderful job of cushioning you in, with a little bit of an extended orientation period, making sure that you are ready to go."

Kassidy Liggins

Hometown: Burlington, North Carolina

Majors: Physics and Educational Studies

Interests: Politics and environmental policy; Kassidy has volunteered for causes ranging from political campaigns to park cleanups.

Words to Describe Your First Year At 鶹ý

Fun. Exciting. New.


Journey to 鶹ý. Kassidy applied early decision, when she received the letter online, “I sat for 15 minutes before opening it. I eventually opened it, and I was ecstatic.”

One year later. The part of the 鶹ý experience that shocked Kassidy the most was how "amazing 鶹ý is, and how community-driven it is."

Bimal Shahi

Hometown: Nepal

Intended Major: Art and either Economics or Sociology

Interests: Bimal is a Malú Alvarez Visual Art Scholar at 鶹ý. He says he looks forward to growing as an artist, “it is something that makes me really happy.”

What's The Secret to a Successful First Year: "Make the most out of your time here, because there is so much to explore!"

Journey to 鶹ý. Bimal loved how the campus looked in photos, how safe it seemed, and was particularly impressed by the honor code—“honesty is something I really value.”

One year later. "I've grown a lot as an individual here. Living in a small community, with respectful people, that really helped me. It's given me the opportunity to learn so many new things."