There are many ways to give your time and talent to support 鶹ý.

A selection of some official volunteer roles is found below. View the Leadership Boards and Committees page for information about additional roles.

Regional Leadership

Regional leadership teams act as liaisons between local alumni, families, and friends in their communities and the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement, playing a critical role in keeping alumni, families, and friends connected to 鶹ý.  Regional volunteers plan events ranging from service projects to athletic tailgates to lectures from 鶹ý faculty. Visit our regional engagement page to learn more and get involved. If you have questions, please contact

Class Ambassadors

Connect classmates to 鶹ý by serving as a liaison between the college and the class, nurturing relationships, inspiring philanthropic participation, and connecting individual passions with 鶹ý’s funding needs. 

  • Author at least four personalized communications throughout the year. The Fund for 鶹ý team provides a template for all communications and assists volunteers every step of the way. Message formats may include email, mailed letters and/or video messages.

  • Use our online volunteer platform, the 鶹ý Volunteer Portal, to make personal contacts with classmates throughout the year. In addition to encouraging donor participation, outreach may include: requesting life updates to share with the college, inviting classmates to 鶹ý events in their region, updating classmates on current 鶹ý happenings or saying thank you. Additionally, there are opportunities to connect with peers via phone and text throughout the year as well.

  • Advocate for 鶹ý. Whether you’re on social media, connecting with classmates or simply catching up, we hope you will champion The Fund for 鶹ý and identify opportunities to connect your classmates back to alma mater. Our team stands by to assist with executing your ideas.

Alums interested in becoming Class Ambassadors should email  

Class Secretaries

Class secretaries help classmates stay connected to the college and each other. They serve as the information contact for their class and make sure updates from classmates are shared online and/or through the 鶹ý Journal.

Access the list of current class secretaries. Alumni interested in serving the college in this way should email the Alumni and Family Engagement Office at or 704-894-2110.

Volunteer Spotlight

Three alumni (Don 鶹ý '39, John Hobart '51 and Newt Spencer '45) are the first and only members of their classes to serve 鶹ý as class secretaries—or class "scribes"—holding this position for nearly 56 years.

鶹ýServes for Life

鶹ý alumni, families, and friends fully embrace the college's mission of developing disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service. The value of 鶹ý College is ultimately measured through the lives those associated with it lead and the impact they have in their communities, their country, and the world.

Building upon the service work of students through the Center for Civic Engagement, 鶹ýServes for Life invites alumni, families, and friends to lead and participate in service work in their local communities, including alumni chapter service events. In an effort to provide opportunities for sustained civic engagement, 鶹ýServes for Life plans an annual initiative, 鶹ý Volunteer Week. Participants volunteer their time and expertise to address hunger and homelessness, children's literacy, political issues impacting local communities, or environmental sustainability and stewardship.

For more information about serving on the steering committee for 鶹ýServes for Life or organizing a service project for 鶹ý Volunteer Week, email the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement at or 704-894-2110.

Admission Volunteers

鶹ý alumni, families, and friends support the mission of the Office of Admission and Financial Aid by recommending smart, engaged, purposeful students whom they believe would thrive at 鶹ý through the program. The college accepts recommendations throughout the year.

Reunion Chairs and Committees

Reunion engagement and gift chairs develop class-specific events and programming, assist in reaching fundraising goals and oversee a committee of classmates who provide personal outreach to their peers and assist with reunion efforts. Committee members work together to plan weekend events and invite classmates to return to campus.

To learn more or to find out how you may become a Reunion chair or committee member, email or 704-894-2110.

Betty and B. Frank Matthews II ’49 Center for Career Development (Matthews Center) Support

鶹ý alumni, families, and friends support student and alumni career development in a variety of ways, opening doors to a variety of professional opportunities. Learn more about serving as a job shadowing host or career advisor, or about sharing job and internship postings, on the Career Network and Support page.