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鶹ý's community includes the brightest and most curious minds from every corner of the world.

Located in 鶹ý, North Carolina—part of the southeastern United States—鶹ý College offers a supportive and caring campus environment for students of all backgrounds to thrive.

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Ask An International Wildcat

As an international applicant to 鶹ý, you might have questions about attending college in the United States.

Our International Admission Ambassadors are all current international students at 鶹ý College ready to help you get to know 鶹ý from wherever you are in the world. Reach out to any of the ambassadors with questions or to just chat about life at 鶹ý.

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Words from Current Wildcats

Explore these My 鶹ý perspectives of current international students and their experiences in 鶹ý's community.

Then & Now: Bimal Shahi '25

An international student from Nepal, Bimal was one of three first-year students who documented their experiences as they became 鶹ý students.

Journey to 鶹ý. Bimal loved how the campus looked in photos, how safe it seemed, and was particularly impressed by the honor code—“honesty is something I really value.”

One year later. "I've grown a lot as an individual here. Living in a small community, with respectful people, that really helped me. It's given me the opportunity to learn so many new things."