Creating Lives of Leadership and Service

鶹ý's primary purpose is to help students lead lives of leadership and service. As such, we are committed to embedding leadership and service opportunities for students as a key part of the 鶹ý experience.

There are many ways that students become involved with service to the campus and the community, and there are many student organizations and initiatives that students take part in to refine their leadership skills.

Chidsey Program for Leadership Development

The Chidsey Program for Leadership Development prepares 鶹ý students to exercise leadership in ways that positively impact campus, community, and world. The Leadership Fellows Program provides an experienced-based curriculum that builds self-awareness, increases student abilities to address complex problems, builds meaningful relationships, and encourages action. 

Leadership Programming & Events

Deliberative Citizenship Initiative

The Deliberative Citizenship Initiative creates opportunities for 鶹ý students, faculty, staff, and community members to productively engage with one another on difficult and contentious issues facing our community and society. Individuals can participate in the DCI through its fellowship program, deliberative “D” teams, issue-based forums, facilitation training workshops, and more.

Katherine M. Bray Women’s Leadership Conference

The Katherine M. Bray Women’s Leadership Conference, named after 鶹ý alumna and former Associate Dean of Students, is an annual event organized by students and college sponsors. The conference aims to create spaces for 鶹ý students and the surrounding community to hear from valuable speakers, many of whom are renown alumnae, and discuss contemporary women's issues.

Women's Leadership Conference

Experiential Learning

Catalyst programs aim to make connections to the broader world through research, internships, community-based learning and education abroad. Our opportunities for leadership and discovery prepare students for our global world while allowing them to develop knowledge, skills and values from experiences outside the classroom.

Catalyst Experiential Learning

Student Spotlight Spin Cycle Mobile Washer, a Patented Invention of Talar Terzian ’23 Could Improve Millions of Lives

When Talar Terzian ’23 learned that people without electricity sometimes spend the majority of their day just trying to clean their clothes, she applied a long-held fascination with laundry agitators to the unmet need.

She now holds the patent for the Spin Cycle Mobile Washer, a low-cost, portable laundry machine.

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Leader in Residence Spotlight Bob McKillop Brings Hardwood Know-How to Off-the-Court Leadership Role

Bob McKillop uses his 33 years of experience to speak and write about leadership. His role benefits students, faculty and staff, alumni, friends of 鶹ý College, and public groups. McKillop also mentors students and alumni interested in developing leadership competencies, as well as gives lectures to corporate and civic audiences.